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Don’t miss your chance to get a Green Card – Apply online today and be one of the next lucky Diversity Visa Program selectees.

Electronic Green Card Program

Each year, up to 55,000 Green Cards will be issued to people born in countries with historically low levels of immigration to the United States.

A Green Card is a Permanent Residence Visa for the United States. The residence card will give you the legal right to study, work, and live permanently in the United States. Green Card holders receive health, education, and several other benefits. If you are selected to receive a Permanent Residence Card, you can apply for United States Citizenship later if you wish. The Green Card does not affect your present citizenship. You and your family could be lucky Green Card holders if you act now and apply for the Green Card Program today!

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Electronic Green Card Program

Apply for the DV Program and start living the American Dream

To assist any new immigrant, the US Department of State issues up to 55,000 Green Cards under the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program every year. It aims to provide people from low-immigration nations the opportunity to become permanent residents of the United States. Millions of individuals apply to participate in the Green Card Program annually, seeking better life in America. You and your family can become one of the next Green Card selectees if you act now. With Biden and Harris in the White House, the time has never been better.

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US GREEN CARD OFFICE provide a value added service for all our clients in 20 different languages, and our fee for this value added service starts from $80.00 The official submission period for the Green Card Program is normally 30-60 days but this can vary from one year to another and is typically between the months of October and November. Our professional immigration team offers you the opportunity to prepare and complete your USA Green Card application online according to all legal requirements 365 days per year. 

Your application will be submitted within the right time as announced by the US Government in the year in which you apply. As soon as your application has been submitted to the US Government by our immigration team an official confirmation number will be send to you as your proof that your application has been received by the US Government.

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